Monday, 27 June 2011

Resting Place

Imagine, for a moment, a place that is so safe, so secure, and so profound you can rest in eternal peace even as you watch all that you treasure most in the world crumble into nothing at your feet.

How does it feel to know, really know, all that unfolds before your eyes is in perfect accord with the natural rhythm and pulse of some great cosmic orchestra?

How does it feel to be so in tune with this rhythm, you become it?  You know, really know, you are a perfect note within this magical song of existence. 

And how does it feel to know, really know, you are also the orchestrator of that song?

This is the gift 'Resting Place' brings. It is an invitation to rest in the cosmic womb of creation, to experience the wondrous space that holds all events separate, and to know man and universe, singer and song, are one and the same; one glorious note echoing throughout all time, all existence.

About 'Resting Place'
'Resting Place' is made up entirely of photographs taken in (literally!) and around my garden pond. It even contains underwater photos of the fish within it, including the koi carp pictured below.

The sacred geometry element to the image is the 'Torus', constructed using a ratcheting effect with the seed of life as its base (see diagrams). It symbolises consciousness or spirit in its purest form, is dynamic, and continuously folds in (or out) on itself. Planets, galaxies and even the human heart, generate toroidal energy fields as natural functions of organic life.

Seed of Life
Having completed the image I waited for a title to be revealed but none was forthcoming. Quite often the title and 'quality' appear simultaneously with the image but sometimes I have to wait and even do some research based on the feelings and sensations I receive; this was one such occasion. So, I let go and continued with daily life.

The following day I attended a chanting circle. Normally the time is spent simply chanting, uplifting in itself, but on this day the leader introduced the meaning behind our first chant: Om Namo Narayanaya. In Sanskrit, another name for water is 'Naara' but may also mean living entities. The resting place, 'Ayana', for Lord Vishnu is also 'Naara'; hence Narayanaya means 'resting place for all living entities'.

The seeds had now been sown for the essence, title and quality to be revealed. Returning home I continued researching, this time into Lord Vishnu. In Hindu tradition there are three primary deities, being the sacred trinity also found in many ancient cultures: Brahma - the Creator, Shiva - the Destroyer and Vishnu - the Preserver. 

Vishnu is the preserver and sustainer of all creation, his abode is the causal waters which also reside deep within the human heart. It is the light of Vishnu which pierces the glamour of illusion, for he does not tolerate ego, and leads all beings on their search for higher Truth. To date he has had nine incarnations, including Lord Krishna and Buddha, the first of which was Matsya - a fish, preserving life at the time of the great flood.

As I accept the invitation proffered in the opening paragraph and allow my gaze to softly alight upon the image before me, I am instantly removed to a realm, a way of being, where time and space, all that is lost and incomplete, ceases to exist. ‘I’ abide as limitless presence wherein the great waters of the cosmos, including life itself, flow. And within this presence understanding of the profound nature of reality is delivered.

A Shaman is said to journey between three worlds - upper, middle and lower; the upper being the realm of spirit guides, the lower - power animals, and the middle, the realm where we live, is where mother nature in her many and varied forms offers guidance and support. Knowledge, healing and guidance may be retrieved from any one of these realms to enhance daily life, either for oneself or for another.

Within the image, consciousness, symbolised by the Torus geometry, rests at the centre. Yet opportunity to explore two other worlds is also intimated; one above and the other below. These worlds may be likened to the three shamanic realms. 

However, ‘Resting Place’ is also a container for these realms, it is the preserver and the sacred space wherein great cosmic forces flow unimpeded throughout all realities.

Thus ‘Resting Place’ is the container and the contained; the real and the unreal; the singer and the song. It is a magical, experiential journey wherein consciousness explores itself; only to find it is not that which is revealed.

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Saturday, 18 June 2011


Well at last I have gotten around to setting up a Visions of Reality blog... it has been my intention for some time but now that the artwork and text is complete for 'Nature's Way' and 'Stillness Speaks' contemplation cards, it seems I may have a bit of time on my hands!

Another reason (not that there has to be a reason) is to share insights and understandings revealed during contemplation of these creations, as well as the creation process itself. I am a firm believer that if anything - book, cards, artwork, relationships etc - does not have a positive impact on daily life then it really is not worth pursuing; this is a fundamental function of 'Visions of Reality', and is the 'Art of Synthesis'.

Visions of Reality creative expressions are transformational tools for a rapidly changing world. Each vision, a marriage of earth and cosmos, is founded upon ageless wisdom teachings from timeless spiritual traditions. They awaken understanding of the profound nature of reality, which are easily integrated into the simple ordinariness of everyday life.

Art of Synthesis is the subtle ingredient, the essential essence behind all creative works offered under the 'Visions of Reality' banner. It is an infusion of spirit with matter, body with soul, cosmic consciousness with earth wisdom. In short 'Art of Synthesis' seeks to unify all that is separate; to make whole that which is incomplete; and to awaken cosmic understanding in the consciousness of each human being.

So, all things considered I anticipate this blog to be a blog for life, where sharing of happenings within daily life unfold within simple contemplation of visionary art; 'visions' and 'life' are one - there is no separation.

The image opposite is from the 'Nature's Way' collection. It's title 'Resting Place', with 'Cosmic Waters' as embodiment quality, carries with it the altruistic intention behind this blog; may it be a source of nourishment to fuel the soul and bring well-being and wholeness to daily life.....

Manifest the beauty of your soul... walk a rainbow through your life...