Saturday, 18 June 2011


Well at last I have gotten around to setting up a Visions of Reality blog... it has been my intention for some time but now that the artwork and text is complete for 'Nature's Way' and 'Stillness Speaks' contemplation cards, it seems I may have a bit of time on my hands!

Another reason (not that there has to be a reason) is to share insights and understandings revealed during contemplation of these creations, as well as the creation process itself. I am a firm believer that if anything - book, cards, artwork, relationships etc - does not have a positive impact on daily life then it really is not worth pursuing; this is a fundamental function of 'Visions of Reality', and is the 'Art of Synthesis'.

Visions of Reality creative expressions are transformational tools for a rapidly changing world. Each vision, a marriage of earth and cosmos, is founded upon ageless wisdom teachings from timeless spiritual traditions. They awaken understanding of the profound nature of reality, which are easily integrated into the simple ordinariness of everyday life.

Art of Synthesis is the subtle ingredient, the essential essence behind all creative works offered under the 'Visions of Reality' banner. It is an infusion of spirit with matter, body with soul, cosmic consciousness with earth wisdom. In short 'Art of Synthesis' seeks to unify all that is separate; to make whole that which is incomplete; and to awaken cosmic understanding in the consciousness of each human being.

So, all things considered I anticipate this blog to be a blog for life, where sharing of happenings within daily life unfold within simple contemplation of visionary art; 'visions' and 'life' are one - there is no separation.

The image opposite is from the 'Nature's Way' collection. It's title 'Resting Place', with 'Cosmic Waters' as embodiment quality, carries with it the altruistic intention behind this blog; may it be a source of nourishment to fuel the soul and bring well-being and wholeness to daily life.....

Manifest the beauty of your soul... walk a rainbow through your life...

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