Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Into the Void - from Chaos to Clarity: pt1

A title such as this needs very little introduction, its presence alone inspires curiosity, and in spite of the inevitable fear that arises at the prospect of exploration, it nevertheless offers an enticing invitation to venture into its hidden depths. Emergence into the clear light of day sees the chaotic ramblings of the sub conscious mind, evident during both waking and dream states, seamlessly blend with integrated planes of conscious awareness accomplished during deep meditation. This article is therefore offered as a platform where disparate and apparently unrelated ‘threads’ may weave their way into the rich fabric of unity consciousness.

Daath, the Abyss
During the evening I had watched a TV program where 90% of the earth’s population had been wiped out by a flu virus. In this particular episode one of the key figures caught the virus and survived, her immune system obviously holding natural antibodies to fight the disease. Within the story there is a government virology department operating in a sterile environment working on producing a vaccine for the virus. As the antibodies reside in the lungs the only way they can extract them is via post mortem i.e. from a dead body. They found out about the woman who had survived and were trying to locate her with capture inevitably leading to her ultimate death.

So the images held in my mind before going to sleep were of men in sealed black suits wearing gas masks chasing an ordinary woman, living in a small community of survivors, who happened to hold within her the very thing the authority needed. Added to this was my conscious intention to experience within dream state an understanding of the point of creation and the manifestation of the four kabbalistic worlds.

The Dream
It began in a state of chaos with fear and panic being the over-riding emotions. There was an old house inhabited by the survivors. I was there as a body interacting within the drama as part of the group but I was also consciousness, a watcher, who witnessed it all. A helicopter appeared and government troops poured out. Chaos ensued whilst they searched for the woman. I was part of the chaos but not in a fearful sense, I knew they were not after me and I was safe. This scenario continued for a while as we moved from one place of safety to another within the building and gardens.

The action, unrelated to the scene above, transferred to a space ship not dissimilar to the star ship ‘Enterprise’. I had no physical body and played no part in the proceedings, merely a witnessing consciousness. There was a large window at the front of the ship revealing the depths of space through which we travelled. However the image filling the limits of the window was not of space, although a small ring of distant stars lined the periphery, it was total darkness, pitch black. It wasn’t a black hole it was dark space.

It seemed to hold within it a shape but the shape was so much a part of the space it was impossible to determine its form. I did not perceive it as threatening in any way neither did the ‘crew’ of the ship who seemed poised in alert readiness for whatever may unfold. We all watched and waited…

...then the space began to move… the blackness transformed into a huge eye that opened and gazed benevolently at us… it emanated light; phenomenal, brilliant white, diamond clear light, reflecting all the colours of the rainbow; filling the confines of the window through which we watched. I felt a door had been opened. The dark space was a door, a gateway through which the Eye may emanate its light.

The outpouring of light threw the crew into action and commands were issued to close the shutters on the window. They believed they must avoid gazing at the light for it would cause blindness, madness and ultimately destroy them. So the shutters were closed. My witnessing consciousness moved to a radar operator who was adjusting joysticks that manoeuvred cross hairs into position upon a target; the target being the ‘eye’. “We have to kill it. We have to destroy the eye. It is responsible for all the chaos we experience on earth.”

I knew the truth lying behind the words being spoken but it was not in the way the ‘crew’ of the ship interpreted it. I also knew they could not destroy the Eye. Not only would they be destroying themselves but the Eye is All Knowing, All Seeing, All Being. It cannot be destroyed unless the Eye wills it.

Visions of Reality
I allowed the dream to permeate my being. Feeling very humbled by the experience, I realised I had been given a taste of ‘Daath’ the hidden sphere in the Tree of Life, also known as ‘the Abyss’ or ‘Great Void’. Even now as I relive these events I feel my eyes fill with the sanctity of this wondrous space, this Great Void. I know it to be a gateway to God.

The point of creation, as described in the kabbalah, is the point at which Ain Sof (God), contracts into itself. This contraction leaves behind a void, an empty space, into which Ain Sof may emanate its light; thus creating existence. I realise that first space is Daath, with the eye being the ‘Eye of Providence’ a symbol of Daath. My dream revealed the first point of creation. The dark space, the Great Void, the opening of the ‘Eye’, the emanation of pure white light into the void, were all pre-eminent stages in this creative process. My request prior to falling asleep had been granted; chaos had opened the door to knowing - inner knowing.

to be continued...

Copyright ©Barbara Rose 2011

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