Thursday, 14 July 2011

Into the Void - from Chaos to Clarity: pt2

Divine Darkness
Visions of Reality
'Divine Darkness'
Over the passed month I have become increasingly aware of a deep and penetrating energy enveloping my aura and physical body as does a perfectly fitting and well worn glove. I feel so at home within its embrace, I completely surrender, allowing the glory of its presence to penetrate the depths of my entire being until I cease to exist. All that remains is deep abiding stillness.

It is here now, filling my body as I write, bringing a gift of such incredible stillness it becomes hard to speak, to find words. I feel it has been travelling a long time and is not of this solar system. It is from… I don’t know where… it is a long, long way away… yet it feels very familiar. And it is so full of love, but not in a way that we know love, it is not even unconditional love; it is so inclusive, so benevolent, so complete - and yet is far more than any of these.

It fills me, a vast womb like presence absorbing the entirety of my being, filling my hara, my centre, to touch my most female aspect. Pregnant, I am at once the mother and the blessed child held in the sacred waters of divine darkness. It is dark, incredibly dark, pitch black and charged with infinite possibilities; the safest and most trusted space where I may disappear and not even know I had gone. It appears dark, even feels dark, but it is not. It is brilliant diamond clear light.

It has waited a long, long time to be able to connect with the energy of this planet, happening only as a result of the change in consciousness of humanity, along with the energetic expansion of mother earth. Natural order is being restored. Vibrations are changing; entities from realms far removed from our own are now able to find resonance with our altered frequencies; before there was discordance, now is entrainment. And with this entrainment all that was lost, long ago forgotten, submerged within the dark annals of the subconscious mind now finds passage to emerge into the cool light of day…

Visions of Reality
'Divine Inspiration'
…a long time ago I set out on a journey. I see a space ship and remember I was an explorer who visited other worlds to observe and study their species; even visiting earth on occasion. My consciousness was, and still is, alien.

But this mission is different. Now my consciousness is more fractured, I have become so immersed in matter over many lifetimes incarnate upon this earth plane, I have forgotten my alien heritage. I struggle to remember the days where every mission, every task undertaken was in service to the whole, the group; where each discovery, each revelation, resulted in ever expanding knowing within the consciousness of this group; where every individual was aware of the very small, but essential, part they played in the machinations of that consciousness and where every individual was also aware they were that consciousness.

And in that forgetting I feel this dark consciousness, as far as planet earth was concerned, had to wait. Nothing could be done it just had to wait. It has held a space for thousands, upon thousands of years, but now the individuals, those who chose to immerse themselves in this world of matter through service to mankind, remember. They remember, and once again they hear the calling of their group: for we are many and each one of us has played our part. All that was lost is found; the many are one.

to be continued...

Copyright ©Barbara Rose 2011

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