Monday, 18 July 2011

Into the Void - from Chaos to Clarity: pt3

Group Initiation
During an esoteric astrology reading it was suggested I meditate upon the position of Jupiter in my progressed chart. I held this as a symbol in the centre of my third eye before I went to sleep, visualising the symbols as brilliant white light.

I had a dream and it was one of chaos. It wasn’t pleasant at all although I didn’t file it under the category of nightmare. Following in a similar vein to the dream in part 1, it also involved a life threatening virus this one being quite alien; very slug like about 3” long, light in colour, kind of shiny but not slimy, emitting an unfamiliar but somehow attractive glow that stimulated curiosity in its potential victims. Parasitic in nature it entered the host through direct physical contact and remained until the carrier was annihilated. Two people fell as victims to the assault resulting in dramatically altered behavioural patterns prior to their rapid and untimely deaths. I was a physical body in the dream, had identity and played my part within it, but I was also witnessing consciousness. A beach scene in a foreign land came into it at some point towards the end. I didn’t think the virus was connected with it but I was still left with a sense of chaos and destruction.

I woke quite naturally and lie dozing for a while neither awake nor asleep. I brought into mind the symbol, held it there, and then let it go. Before long an image appeared so vivid I see it clearly, even now.

Stillness Speaks
Aligned with 'Inclusiveness'
The landscape was somewhat alien in appearance, quite dark and barren. I had a sense it lay at the very edge of the universe. Upon the land and stretching almost as far as the eye could see was an army of figures. They were human beings but the term ‘figures’ is a far more apt description for they held no distinguishing features, they were of uniform height and form, grey in colour with not a shred of clothing worn between them.

A throng of clay marionettes, benign ‘cyber men’, benevolent ‘borg’ each and every one standing as one being awaiting the natural outcome of events that had been bearing fruit since the beginning of time. And filling the entire panorama, casting shafts of radiant light upon the expectant faces of those at the centre of the entourage, sat a joyous, vibrant and incandescent spiritual sun, glowing in resplendent glory of divine emanation.

There was an air of patient anticipation, surrender, acceptance where not a sound was heard, where not a single outpouring of breath disturbed the air, where not even a stray thought could distort the quiet inevitability of this profound and momentous occasion. This was an invitation, an initiation. A group soul, comprising the consciousnesses of many individuals united in purpose, had arrived at a consummate stage in evolution where they may move forward, as a group, in divine service. From this point forward individual motivation would be expressed only so far as it served the purpose of the group as an outpouring of Divine Will.

Although my physical body was amongst those who stood and faced the light, there was no individual consciousness not even witnessing consciousness. My body was there but I did not know which one of the figures was my body, it really didn’t matter. The predominating awareness was that of the group, the soul; there was no individual ‘me’, in any form, within it. And I sensed within the shadows around the central illuminated group hundreds more waiting, as if the first group initiation facilitated the enabling of more and more groups to be embraced in a similar manner; like a domino effect where once the process had begun it was impossible to stop.

The group was not a group in this physical dimension. Even though physical bodies were evident I felt individual consciousnesses had come together from all over the planet (and beyond). I feel initiation on the subtle planes enables recognition to manifest in this realm where group members know each other on some level and automatically act in accord with group purpose as a fulfilment of the divine plan. Group consciousness and the work in this realm will become more apparent whether these souls meet in physical form or not.

The unfolding of the divine plan ripens in the life of the individual as awareness of group consciousness becomes more apparent in each responsible enactment of divine purpose. The primary task of each individual being to honour the consciousness of the group, the whole, regardless of the task they are undertaking in this physical reality.

to be continued...
Copyright ©Barbara Rose 2011

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