Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Ponder the Profound... Who Am I?

If thought were a prayer and mind the conveyor
Then who am I, director or player?

Perhaps I am both, are they one and the same?
Each of them parts I play in a game...

And what of this void? This place between thought
Where all things fill a space that is naught...

Is it the pause between beats of my heart
Stillness that speaks when worlds fall apart,
Or silence that rests in the space between words?

The sound of the sea, the call of the birds
The cry of a child that longs to be heard...
Am I all of these things, perhaps even none?

And if I am the product of thought turned to form...
Am I also the void from which it was born?

From the book 'Visions of Reality: Art of Synthesis' by Barbara Rose
Copyright ©Barbara Rose 2010

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