Thursday, 4 August 2011

To Fix, or Not to Fix? that is the Question...

... or is it? perhaps the question posed is, in fact, an answer?

It is often said that Truth is a paradox. The more diverse the apparent opposites, the closer we are to realising the ultimate nature of reality. If this is the case then maybe the posed question is indeed, an answer; the underlying 'truth' only being realised through exploring other sources of enquiry. I will, therefore, throw two more questions into the arena:

Alchemical alignment with 'Serenity'

 Question 1: How would it be if one single cell in your body thought it knew what was best for you? It then sets out to put right all it believes to be wrong, out of balance, or 'sick' within you. What effect does it have on your body as a whole?

Question 2: How would it be if one of the cells in your body knew the purpose of its existence, its function in maintaining the equilibrium of the whole, and worked in accord with that purpose? It is so happy in fulfilling its role that it radiates love and joy to all the surrounding cells. How does it feel?

We live in fairly tumultuous times where natural disasters, climate change, and horrendous acts of violence perpetuated against innocents,  fill our news screens on an almost daily basis. On the flip side, there are stories in abundance of the indomitable strength  of the human spirit, where despite atrocities and disasters, individuals and races shine through as a unified force in rebuilding all that was lost or destroyed. It seems, as fast as death and destruction are meted out with one hand, peace and unity are deployed by the other; such is the dichotomy of life in the twenty first century.

Embodying essence of 'Surprise'

However, does this bear relevance with respect to answering any of the questions posed above?

Are we as individuals, or as a race, responsible for the causation and retribution of these worldly happenings? or do we simply bear witness to the natural unfolding of creation where death and destruction are essential parts of life?

Is mother nature simply trying to balance herself as part of her own conscious evolution?

Perhaps the answer lies in accepting there may be grains of truth hidden within all these potentialities. If we accept that as individuals we are merely 'cells' within a vast cosmic entity, through which we live and move and have our being, then how can we possibly know what is best for the 'whole?' Even the wisest amongst us only hold within their awareness a fraction of the full picture.

Does it then behold us to attempt to 'fix' that which we believe to be 'sick' or 'not right' in our world?

Embodying essence of 'Growth'

An obvious answer would be that it does not. However, what if we also accept that as well as being cells within a great cosmic being, we are also that being?

Would it then give us the right to 'fix?' or would we KNOW that all is absolutely perfect just as it is, and there really is nothing to fix, heal or balance at all?

Does knowing this then abdicate us of all responsibility in taking action to sustain a healthy environment for ourselves and our world? If everything is perfect 'just as it is' then surely there is nothing for us to do, it is all part of the grand plan, and things will unfold 'just as they are meant to', with or without us 'doing' anything.

If only it was that simple! So how may we serve our fellow man, whilst being responsible stewards of our planet, without trying to fix anything according to our own belief systems?

If we reflect upon the characters of the two cells mentioned in Q1 and Q2, the mind-set they employ, and their resultant effect on the whole it is easy to see how we, as individuals, may assist or hinder our world in its evolutionary process of change. In other words, as we think so we are. We may 'do' all we can on this physical plane to aid, to 'fix', to heal that which we believe to be 'sick', but if we do not address the disharmony with our own being how can we possibly truly assist or heal anyone or anything else?

Nature's greatest gift is acceptance. It does not fix, it does not heal or attempt to change anything, it simply brings into balance that which is. In recognising that man, nature and cosmos are one and the same, in choosing to live our lives in accordance with this alignment, we serve each other and our world. The single cell in Q2, fulfils its purpose with light and joy in its heart, unconditionally giving others permission to do the same, thus creating a world where peace and harmony are foundations for life. This, it achieves through conscious awareness; it is at once the 'single cell' and the cosmic entity.

Quite simply it comes down to these well known maxims: 'man, Know Thyself', 'Physician, Heal Thyself'. When these directives are embodied, the Authentic Self is born, and the title question, 'to fix, or not to fix', really does become an answer.

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