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Into the Void - from Chaos to Clarity: pt5 Synthesis

Visions of Reality
In order to bring this article to its inevitable conclusion a way must be created whereby the disparate threads above may come together as one crowning truth. The connection between Daath and Divine Darkness has already been established (see part 4) along with identification of common themes: chaos, death, disease, dark and light, alienation etc. but what of links between Daath and group initiation? What do Daath and Divine Darkness have to do with group consciousness and soul initiation?

Surely when the concept of ‘groups’ and ‘souls’ are introduced it conjures up yet more identities, albeit on a far larger scale, in terms of conscious awareness. This would certainly be true when viewed from superficial perspectives taking the literal meanings of each contrasting ‘thread’. However if we look beneath the surface to the essence, the underlying energy, flowing through each of these forces we find a glorious dance of synchronicity and union that cannot fail to be an outpouring and ultimate expression of Divine Will.

Daath is Divine Darkness; a profound space where dynamic stillness is charged with infinite potential, where all forms and identities are broken apart to be reformed in accordance with Divine Will. The womb of creation, holding and embracing everything whilst in essence being no thing; it is without doubt the most creative force in the entire universe. Its intimate connection with Divine Will cannot be disputed; the book of Genesis clearly describes the part played by both ‘void’ and ‘darkness’ in creation of heaven and earth:

“And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.” Genesis 1-2

The next verse continues with the outpouring of light as an expression of the Will of God, also alluding to the association of sound, the voice and the throat chakra as playing essential parts in the unfolding of this Divine Plan for creation:

“And God said, Let there be light; and there was light”
Genesis 1-3

Visions of Reality
'Family of Light'
In the light of this understanding we may turn our attention once more to the collective consciousness of the ‘clay army’ and find their whole demeanour to be in accord with the breakdown of personal identity as associated with the sphere of Daath. Still, in essence, they wait patiently for the outcome of events, timescale being unimportant, for they know transformation from darkness to light is inevitable. Their awareness is one of group consciousness; they know this sequence of events will be perpetuated over and over again as part of a continuous process of destruction and renewal. Attachment to any form, even to that of the group, is futile as its future transmutation is inevitable.

We have only to observe the cycles within our own world to find natural order in decay and renewal; changing of seasons, ebb and flow of tides, night and day, life and death, each one of these bears testament to the powerful creative forces at play even at this physical level of reality. The evolution of consciousness, through personality, soul and beyond, is no less subject to natural order than is our physical world.

Soul integration, group initiation, every plane of existence from the smallest atom to the highest vibrations of light are subject to this same universal order of divine purpose; there are no exceptions. This is the glorious dance of synchronised ubiquity linking every disparate thread within this article. Alignment with this cosmic ordering, through the service of surrender, enables the individual to evolve into ever more refined vibrations of light, the ultimate reward being complete dissolution of  self into One Limitless Light.

The End
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