Thursday, 6 October 2011

A Stranger in a Strange Land...

Aside from the image itself, inspiration for this blog came through attending Essence of Wild 'Barefoot Breathing' e-course - a course designed to awaken and engage with all that is sacred and natural within ourselves and our land.

Taking this into consideration it may seem to be a very odd picture to share on a forum dedicated to our beautiful planet earth and all its magical creatures. What can an image, clearly revealing extra-terrestrial life, possibly have to do with contemplation of our natural world?

There are no flowers, nothing even vaguely resembling a tree, no fairies and definitely no human beings.

And yet there is something. Something that leaves you in no doubt that, in spite the abundance of flying saucers and somewhat alien landscape, we are actually viewing our very own sacred planet.

The drawing was created some five or six years ago shortly after I began 'playing' with crayons. A friend suggested I  closed my eyes, used my non-dominant hand, and select the colours at random. After I'd finished I opened my eyes and continued 'doodling.' The finished 'vision' stunned me to silence. I was totally engrossed in the figure on the right who seemed to be so much a part of the earth, it was the earth - yet it also seemed to be in direct communication with all the 'alien ships.' It reminded me of E.T. (hence the title - Phone Home) and the whole scenario moved me to tears.

Now we come to its relevance to mother nature and the reasons why I am impelled to share it. At the time of its birth I was feeling particularly isolated and alone, a very familiar bed-fellow as all my life I have felt as an alien on a strange planet. The image instilled in me a sense of belonging, a knowing that all I had been searching for was, quite literally, all around me. My 'home' amongst the stars was actually, for the time being, right here on planet earth and my star family was right here beside me.

Now fast forward some five or six years to the present day. Shortly after beginning the e-course, the familiar bed-fellow climbed in beside me and once more I felt as a 'stranger in a strange land.' Even though I loved all the sharings, the stunning photography, and especially the daily 'nature love,' I nevertheless didn't feel that I belonged. This time, however, the bed-fellow felt different, it was now a treasured friend whom I welcomed with opened arms. It brought with it great gifts, igniting a way of being that, until now, has been too profound to express into words.

Nature, wildlife, animals (a lot easier to understand than human beings!) have been my succour and inspiration all my life, yet now I realise, they had also been my escape. They had been my retreat when life became too much and I just had to get away from it all. Meditation, my daily practise for well over a decade, also held its roots in the same soil. And here I was committed to a course that required a daily practise of meditating in nature! Quite a dilemma when held in the light of these revelations - and yet it wasn't, it was all quite natural and ordinary; very simple, nothing forced.

Quite spontaneously I became the figure on the right of the image, E.T., who is 'so much a part of the land, he is the land.' This I felt to the core of my being. The sun, the sky, the rivers, trees and flowers, all of these I felt - INSIDE. This understanding came alive as I watched the 'Sacred Circle' video, featuring Bear Heart. As he spoke I could feel the land, the rivers running through his veins, the sun shining through his words, and the deep respect he had for all life. And as the rivers ran through his veins, so they flowed through mine. I became the Sacred Circle of Life, all life, everywhere; as was he.

So, not a single barefoot breath have I taken, not a single commune with nature, nor have I felt the wind stir my hair or the rain caress my skin. I walk the land, as the land. Walking, breathing, smiling, celebrating and appreciating..... the wonderful sense of belonging I feel amongst this clan, this human race.

Alone he stands the star born
Isolation, loneliness companions of old
Too long has he walked these earthen pathways
Spirit ever seeking a path to return

Long ago forgotten the race of the stars
Grown over time great love for this earth
Now he remembers, he remembers his calling
Sends forth a cry to the land of his birth
Returning swift the clan from afar
Embrace their brother, igniting his Light
As wisdom of ages flows through his being
A bridge he becomes twixt earth and the stars

Earth finds knowing of star born
Stars know wisdom of earth
Path to return established
At home on this land of his birth

'Phone Home' has featured in my personal contemplations at regular intervals during the past month. The latest turn of the spiral has seen its energy transform from that of 'Aloneness' to 'Community.' This is the sense of belonging it now instills should you wish to embrace it. Life carries with it many choices, with surprises around every corner, and it is through these choices that we create our reality. In this simple drawing is the potential for two (at least) diverse realities. Do you choose isolation or do you choose community; to BELONG? Know that you may also choose both - aloneness within community is, for me, ultimate belonging. It gives birth to the authentic Self; wherever I am, whoever I am with - I BELONG.

Finally, I would like to extend my profound appreciation to Essence of Wild, along with all of the 'barefoot clan,' without whom these revelations would not have seen the light of day - THANK YOU!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Guest Blogging on Essence of Wild

Wallington Wood
If you go down to the woods today you’ll sure have a big surprise….

little did I know the reality of this nursery rhyme would miraculously spring to life during, and following, a quite ordinary family day out.....

read more on Essence of Wild

If you have never before stumbled across Essence of Wild I would encourage you to explore a little (after reading my blog, of course!).

Professional photographer Jason Smalley and experienced, intuitive Flower Essence Practitiioner Jackie Stewart, deliver on a monthly basis a package of absolute delight to nurture your body, nourish your soul and awaken your spirit. It really is a marriage made in heaven, or should I say earth? for it is the earth that fires their souls. Their deep love, respect and passion they have for all that is sacred and true in our world, shines through every newsletter that bounces through your inbox.

For the past three weeks they have been running '100 barefoot breaths' e-course complete with confidential online forum. The professionalism, love, time and sheer abundance they have put into creating it together with the beauty of their inclusive e-books will be a source of inspiration for years to come. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Why not sign up now?

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Blank Canvas - Once More Unto the Void

Well here we are on the first day of October with not one single blog post published in over a month - September has vanished into the abyss with apparently nothing to celebrate, or even acknowledge, its existence.

Or has it? This month has born witness to the most profound awakening I have ever experienced, where creative expression must be its most natural outlet. I have a feeling the ripples from this great void will echo throughout the months ahead in many diverse and creative forms.

Yet why has nothing been forthcoming? Why have I been unable to express that which cries out to be shared?

Maybe it is because I have been 'being' rather than 'doing?' I have been so content simply 'being' that the whole of life has become an expression of creativity. There really has been no need to 'do' anything; 'life' has been enough.

So why change now? What has been the trigger leading to this spurt of creative release?

Blank Canvas
I simply drew three cards - 'Blank Canvas,' 'Jubilation' and the 'Past' sphere. These three cards enabled me to find clarity within my 'being' state, to not only understand, but to maintain this way of being throughout the ups and downs of ordinary life.

I AM the blank canvas upon which life, all life, is drawn. Every thought, sound, word, breath, action, feeling, emotion emanates from this glorious empty space - only to disappear almost as soon as it has been painted onto the fabric of existence; as if written in invisible ink.

This is the rich tapestry of life when allowed to follow its natural course. No me, no you just a blank canvas upon which you and I dance in ubiquitous harmony.

And it is so very freeing knowing I am this space. Knowing I am the pause lying between each thought, each breath and every outpouring of emotion.

'Jubiliation,' my second card, fits so perfectly. When I drop into this space, when I step aside and allow the presence of the great unknown to envelope all that I am NOT, I suddenly become a wellspring of pure joy. It bubbles silently within. An effervescent fountain filled with luminous bubbles of light that I can only describe, inadequately, as 'smiling inside.'

These two cards together with the 'Past' illustrate the wondrous simplicity that is life in the 'Eternal NOW.' For the present moment the instant it is born, ceases to exist; it is past - returned unto the void. From which it will emerge anew as another form - perhaps as a song, a thought or a feeling or even another human being.

Recogntion of this simple cycle, where nothing is born or nothing dies but is merely transformed, is to awaken inside profound joy - where life really is a tapestry written upon a fabric that is blank.