Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas... peace on earth... goodwill to all men???

...if we are to believe all we are fed through our national media, we would find little evidence of these sentiments expressed within our daily lives.

War, famine, global collapse of all we in the western world hold dear to our hearts; our homes, financial security, free health and education, to say nothing of our benefits, employment and final salary pensions.

Add to this the issue of climate change and how we are bleeding our planet dry of her very life's blood. How she has no choice but to do what she does best - restore balance - resulting in natural disaster, freak weather and apparent destruction of large communities within the species that has perpetrated this assault.

Taking all this into account it would seem we have little cause to celebrate, no chance of peace on earth, and as to 'goodwill to all men' - surely we are far too wrapped up in our own personal survival issues to spare a little time to consider others?

Or are we? Inspite of all that is stacked up against us, there seems to be a tide of unison amongst ordinary people equal in force to that perpetuated by mother nature herself; 'enough is enough.'

The tide of mass consciousness is turning. Recognition of basic values are resurfacing, as is the importance of the family unit, our relationships and our sense of community. People are reaching out and they are beginning to act... they are finding their voice... and that One voice is being heard...

When viewed from this perspective, maybe there is cause for celebration? Maybe there already is peace on earth? And maybe the innate nature of man is to be kind to his brother?

Surely it then behoves each one of us, as indiviuals, to take responsibility for our own lives, to make a conscious CHOICE to energise peace in our own hearts and to CHOOSE to believe it exists in the heart of every human being, regardless of their actions. Is this not the true meaning of 'goodwill to ALL men'? 

On the eve of possibly the most celebrated event in the christian calendar, perhaps we should look a little deeper into the underlying spiritual significance as it pertains to each one of us, our life in the 21st century, and how we may take greater personal responsibility for the choices we make in each moment. After all it is our choices that create our lives and, as a consequence, the quality of the world as a whole?

to be continued...

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