Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Time to Let Go...

Reflections on reality..... is truth really all it is cracked up to be?

Sweet Surrender
How often has it been stated, particularly in new age circles, how important it is to be ‘true to oneself,’ to live an authentic life according to the river of truth that flows through you at any one moment in time, and to standby that truth no matter what the cost to those in receipt of it?

But what if that truth isn’t quite what it appears to be? What if, instead of being a wholesome reflection of reality, it is a very well-disguised non-truth, or even a lie?

Let’s have a closer look at some ‘truths’ around relationships, particularly those between a parent and child, and find out some more.

Relationships, especially marriage are made up of arguments and reconciliations – scoring as many points as you can from each other along the way.
  • Children should be seen and not heard. It is important this understanding be carried through into adult life as the parent always knows what is best for the child regardless of age.
  • Entering into a meaningful relationship or marriage means all other relationships/friendships and interests must be set aside.
  • The relationship/marriage is the most important nothing else matters, including one’s own children.
  • Children are born to be controlled and moulded according to parental will or beliefs. If they do not conform they are not approved of.
  • Criticism is the best way to help a child mature into a responsible adult.
  • Love is something that should be kept to oneself not outwardly demonstrated.
  • Feelings are not important. Hugs are reserved for the ‘good.’
  • A parent’s responsibility is to always see the worst outcome for the child and then they won’t be disappointed if it all goes wrong.
  • Joy is to be curtailed whenever possible as it will only lead to disappointment when the bubble bursts.

NONE of these statements are true..... they are merely BELIEFS

Nevertheless they have shaped my reality for a huge chunk of my life. They have nested quietly in the dark recesses of my sub-conscious mind, shaping my reality, generating behavioural responses and sabotaging relationships without my even knowing what was going on.

For most people beliefs held within their deepest psyche will never see the light of day. They live their lives blinded by a ‘truth’ driven by an instinct to survive at all costs. Years of soul searching, stripping back layer upon layer of protective sheaths, has enabled my core beliefs to stand naked in the clear light of day. They are now known and can be seen clearly for what they are.

Time to let go........

It is obvious to see truth in the above instance as being a non-truth, but what of the following?

“When I turn within to explore the space from which my heart takes form. I find there is no form, there is no heart. There is simply vast empty space, a void that holds the entirety of my existence, all existence.
It is a giant, joyful wave that carries me from one moment to the next embracing all in its path. All my wants, desires, needs, feelings, thoughts dissolve into this vast ocean of consummate wholeness.

And there is smiling inside. I am not even sure whether it is I who is smiling. It seems to arise quite spontaneously for no apparent reason.
Others have noticed and observe ‘you look like the cat that got the cream’. Well, I am the cat who got the cream but there is no cream. Nothing external gives rise to this incredible joy that bubbles silently within...
...And in a moment of profound, silent awareness a question is born, a thought-form cast from within the great void upon the mirror of my mind: ‘Why am I here?’

It hangs suspended, like a water droplet, apparently frozen in time, seeking substance until time itself releases it once more unto the void. For a while it rests within the great ocean of infinite possibilities until the next wave throws it once more onto the surface of my mind, ‘Why am I here?’
Lazy tendrils of enquiry seek dark recess in my concrete mind for an answer, even finding some resolution. Once again I let go, the droplet having no more substance is again released. All is still…

Inside Out
…another thought, larger and more substantial than before, arises. It holds within it a story, a story of creation.
“Great Spirit, whilst resting in absolute totality of being, as pure awareness, gave birth to a thought: ‘how would it be if I did not know myself?’
In that moment, with the issue of this simple thought, the world of duality, the world as we know it, was born…”
Now I had two thought bubbles to ponder upon. They hung together in suspended animation as if the pause button had been pressed on my mind. Two tiny droplets held within an even greater bubble of awareness.
Before long I realised one held resolution for the other. In unison they merged to become far more than the sum of their two parts. They were yin and yang, divine mother and divine father, enjoining in sacred union that the blessed child of infinite understanding be born to illuminate the far reaches of my mind and the immeasurable depths of my heart…

…I am here to experience duality and the deeper my experience, the more I sink into this realm of separation, the closer I am to the original question posed by Great Spirit. I am in immanent proximity to that first moment of creation.
Experience and question unite and consciously I participate in duality, allowing myself to sink deeper and deeper into form without being identified with it. A wondrous alchemical transformation takes place. In the clear light of my illuminate mind, in the infinite bounds of my heart, I AM Great Spirit experiencing duality through me. This is why I am here. It really is that simple.” Extracted from the book ‘Visions of Reality: Art of Synthesis’ by Barbara Rose

Another belief?

Time to let go........

 “Through space and time have I travelled to see past and future merge into this present moment, where absolute clarity of mind is the all-embracing wisdom of my heart. The notion of ‘other’ being simply thought to transform.
I see how many parts compose the labyrinth that is my small self, how separate and isolate they are in their multiplicity, and how, within a single moment of awareness, they may dissolve into one great river of joyous simplicity; the Self.
Cultivating awareness of this ‘Self’ enables Soul purpose to be made visible and when I surrender, when I step aside, all barriers dissolve and in the stillness of each moment it flows, as a steady stream, to enrich the content of my days with reverent appreciation.

As Above, So Below
As threads of light weave their way through the tapestry that is my life, an image slowly begins to take form…
Shimmering in vibrant, radiant, diamond clear light, against the background of my days… it is the totality of all my experiences: meetings and partings, sorrow and joy, happiness and despair, fear and love... All I have ever known in countless existences since beginning of time…
...It carries the heartbeat of the universe, one glorious note to echo the entirety of existence. The vibration of absolute perfection… AUM....”


Another belief?  What do you think?



Saturday, 7 July 2012

Dolphin Slaughter - is there a bigger picture?

...deep beneath the turbulent waters of the ocean surface, I rest...

Lush green plants sway with the gentle current, miraculously finding anchor in the soft, sandy bed that is the ocean floor. Shoals of phosphorescent fish meander here and there, seen and unseen, as they make their way between the plentiful fronds, in search of food.

The water is clear, clean and pure – vibrant turquoise-greeny-blue in colour. Inner senses detect a gentle rhythm, pulsing, as does a heartbeat, within the obvious flow of currents created through the movement of the many sea creatures. All, however, is STILL.

I feel an ache deep within my heart, yet there is much light? Serving to make the underlying fear appear somewhat irrational. I do not have physical form; I am pure consciousness. And yet the reluctance to explore, to expand this image further, persists. Fear holds me back and, although the scene feels very safe to experience, I am afraid of what I might see.

I wait…

Consciousness expands and I become the night sky. I remain aware of the ocean floor but I have grown to embrace the infinite expanse of the universe. A word comes to me, and yet again I feel reluctance in allowing it to form; the word is “dolphin.” Feelings of dread, remorse and guilt emerge as it is uttered.

Transformed, I am now pure intelligence and once again I surrender to the scene before me. Clarity ensues. I understand my reluctance to explore further, together with the fear I had been feeling, were as a result of my watching a very graphic video of the barbaric slaughter of hundreds of dolphins in Japan. Guilt arises once more as I realise the part I play as a member of the race who perpetrates this slaughter. I don’t want to face their pain, I don’t want to feel guilt, yet I feel so utterly helpless.

I am given two more words: “rebirth” and “service”.

The vision continues. A vast and brilliant golden light appears. I recognise the consciousness of the pod, the group. The group loyalty, the inter-connection between all members of the pod, enables this light. Understanding develops. I see destruction of the outer form whilst being the golden intelligence; the group soul.

I allow myself to witness the slaughter perpetuated in the physical realm. I feel confusion, pain of death and separation from family members. Yet I am also the higher presence that watches. In some way this destruction is necessary. Death in the physical realm enables the group to reform on a higher level; there IS a higher purpose to this apparent destruction.

This intelligence is way beyond ours and, as I merge with its presence, I can see, feel and know the dolphins are aware. They know the destruction is only a small aspect of their combined intelligence. They know what is happening in the 3rd dimension is enabling their growth and expansion into even greater multi-dimensional beings of light.

Dolphins by their very nature exist holographically. They simultaneously move in their consciousness between other dimensions, as well as the physical, and most importantly they are aware of this.

Slaughter of these magnificent beings has purpose and that purpose is awareness. These tragic scenes generate awareness in our world; they serve as a wake-up call. Although only a small portion of human beings commit these acts of violence there are a far greater number who watch and do nothing to prevent it!

These beings do us great service for they enable us to behold the dark that we may embrace it with the light of greater understanding. These are magnificent, benevolent, sentient beings that, in their method of destruction, show us how unity, strength and gentleness may be found within their group; they do not die alone. Even in the depths of their pain I feel the love and divine intelligence that transcends all of this.

A new scene appears before me. I see a golden land where humans, gentle beings of light, walk upon the earth. Their form is different to that which is known today; they are more ethereal and seem to float above the earth. Their movements are effortless and create little disturbance in the air around them.  Dolphins are with them and they too are beings of light. It seems they fly through the air as they leap in and out of the ocean; flying over entire islands, such is the lightness of their being. These two species of light dance together with joy and trust; they have fun together and play in celebration of each other and the glorious age of light.

Where did that age go? How far have we, as a race, slid into the realms of darkness? These beautiful beings of sea and air, known as the race of cetaceans (includes whales and porpoises), have maintained their intelligence and awareness throughout the ages, whilst man has fallen and become lost.

Simultaneously, I experience man as the slaughterer and man as the multi-dimensional being from the golden age; at one with creation and at one with all creatures. I ask myself, where did one being end and the other begin? Where is this multi-dimensional being of light that is the true nature of man?

The answer I am given is that this human being never “went” anywhere. The only difference between man and dolphin, in this current age, is that the dolphin is aware it is a multi-dimensional being of light, man is not!

The vast intelligence holds it all with love. Both these scenes, the light and the dark, are parts of it. I am blessed to be given this, to be shown these realities. Now, I may hold the essence of both seeds within me.

The image of the golden age, where man and dolphin played together as one, is the one I must hold to heal this slaughter. In holding this vision I create once more the multi-dimensional nature of man; the human being who is at one with all creation. One who is AWARE.

The dolphins featured in this blog are 'captive dolphins'. However, at their time of 'capture' they were given a choice. A 'human' had a vision that they may assist in inter-species communication. As the nets were cast the pod swam into them, and even after being given another chance to leave, they chose to stay.

I had the privilege to meditate and play with them in 2008. The insights, understandings and expansion of consciousness I gained as a result of this experience enables me to speak from a position of inner 'knowing' when writing this blog.

The baby dolphin featured in the last two photos was born on the last day of our retreat - a very, very humbling experience. One I hold in my heart to this day. Blessings and abundant gratitude to these divine beings of light for the service they have provided, and continue to share.

© Barbara Rose 2012