Sunday, 31 March 2013

Quiescence - How do we move from separation to unity?

This blog is inspired through contemplation of the card 'Quiescence' from Stillness Speaks. Finding it easier to assimilate words and factual information through image, I created a picture summing up the essence of its qualities, in this instance using a heart to gather all the facets together. Now I can reflect upon my chosen card from a position of wholeness.

‘At rest,’ this is the sense I feel when I muse upon the meaning of the title ‘quiescence.’ It fills me, allowing me to sink deeper and deeper into who I am, whoever that may be. I have arrived, there is nothing to do, nowhere to go, for all has been done. I am home, here on planet earth, may be for the very first time. I can rest. At last.

The image adds credence to all I have sensed from the word. I see a figure, pregnant, expectant, resting deep within a watery cave. She gazes with quiet acceptance towards her belly. All around, the cave holds her with familiar ordinance. She is naked and vulnerable and yet there is courage in her presence. The cave, deep within the earth is not cold and dank as would be expected. It is warm, welcoming, and emanates a soft multi-coloured light. It is a space where I can rest, may be until time itself ceases to exist...

The seed thought is strange. It appears at first to be the complete antithesis of all I sense, of where I am, in this moment. Having arrived at a place of non-action surely any kind of ‘action’ would negate this, even if it is tinged with the colour of wisdom? ‘Wisdom in Action,’ I sit with this for a while longer. But then even non-action is action. There is great wisdom in choosing this course of ‘action,’ for it allows all to unfold without interference. Maybe the seed thought is not so strange after all?

‘Isolated unity,’ again this brings a sense of peace, of being at rest and complete where I am, right now. I have never felt so isolated and yet so ‘at One’ with all. I am content. Complete. Again I rest. I wait, I breathe. I rest, until ‘I’ am no more... ”

Intuitive Understanding
Quiescence, by virtue of its inherent image qualities and alignment with isolation, also links to five other cards. 

These have been placed upon the hexagram, using sacred geometry this time, as a basis for experiencing the underlying integral energies. 

The seed thoughts from ‘Phone Home’ and ‘Alien Nation’ make a good introduction to this section as, together with ‘Quiescence’s’ Soul alignment quality – ‘Isolated Unity’ - hold vital clues into synthesising the reading as whole.

“Alone he stands the star born
Isolation, loneliness companions of old”

“Wisdom abounds in alien sound
Surrender all fear and touch the profound”

Phone Home
And so within these four lines we have the essence of all the cards, rays and chakras found within our research above; ‘isolated unity’ being the crowning glory. 

Loneliness, aloneness, and isolated unity are very close bed fellows, clearly depicting a state of being on one’s own in one form or another, but let’s take a closer look and see how it applies to our, moment by moment, daily life. 

Loneliness – consciousness and, most importantly identification, is focused entirely on the separated self. Thoughts, emotions and physical body are the sum total of the awareness and most often there is not even an acknowledgement of the sub-conscious behavioural patterns responsible for the emotional state. Everything is as a result of external circumstances and it is to these, in one form or another, that relief is sought from emotional pain.

Alien Nation
Aloneness – identification is still with the separated self. However, in this instance there is awareness

Behavioural patterns are familiar and responsibility is taken for the emotional state with necessary steps being taken to ‘be’ with whatever ‘is’ in the moment; the focus and resolution is largely within. 

Conscious awareness is expanded to include knowing of a higher self or Soul. Acceptance of isolation is present together with a sense of inner peace. Aloneness may also be a conscious choice.

Isolated Unity – there is an important distinction between this level of awareness and the previous two; identification is with the Soul. It is the physical body that appears to be separated or alone but the being who inhabits this body is wholly and completely centred in unity. The consciousness state is changeless whether the ‘being’ stands alone or in a crowd.

Each of these states may fluctuate from one to the other, particularly the first two. It is a process of letting go and accepting; in time the wounded child comes to accept itself as it is, without needing to escape or ‘fix,’ even though this may at times be painful. As highlighted within the text, the method of realising one way of being over another lies in identification. 

Do you identify with the wounded child or the Soul? If it is the latter then there cannot be any sense of separation or polarised consciousness; the Soul, by its very nature, is unity.

How do we move from a position of separation to unity? There are two clues offered within our journey so far:

“Surrender all fear and touch the profound,” (Alien Nation)
“The love of unity must dominate” (Ray 4 seed thought).

In short, let go, align, unify. Simple, or is it easier said than done? Perhaps the other card connections, Sacred Space, In Lak’ech and Freedom, may help? 

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