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Quiescence - What is freedom, and is it all its cracked up to be?


Sacred Space

Continuing the journey begun in part one, we reflect upon the essence of three cards holding the same seed image as their base (Quiescence, In Lak’ech and Sacred Space); when you look at these cards you can see, without much deliberation, that they each hold the essence of each other, they look and feel similar.

Vesica Piscis
Sacred geometry is a useful foundation to use when contemplating a card, image or seed thought etc. These simple structures provide a ‘single pointed focus’ for the lower mind to engage with. Thus occupied, it is open to receive impressions from the realms of Soul and Spirit, without interference or analysis.

I begin my contemplation with the three cards using the vesica piscis geometry as the map (the card is placed in the ‘eyeball’). In Lak’ech is the one at the forefront of my mind as I surrender to the process.

“As my softened gaze settles on the image I am drawn to the centre. Deep within the watery cave I see not one, but two figures. One, as before, a tranquil pregnant woman, the other, less developed, has a child-like quality. It appears to be asleep, resting deep within the womb like space, not yet born. It rests, knowing in the fullness of time it will awake and be known. 
In Lak'ech

A strange juxtaposition occurs; I allow the mystery within the image to reveal its secrets. The child, although appearing to be separate, is inside the mother. Her downward gaze looks towards her belly, to the child in the lower part of the image.

As viewers, we are granted a rare privilege of seeing inside the womb of the mother, to know the child as it is; pure and undefiled. A gift of Grace enables us to know how mother and child are one, seen through an image which portrays them as being separate.

The space holding the child is heart shaped. It feels sacred, a space where love is the only nutrient required to nurture its delicate and unfolding consciousness. How can it fail to be a light in the world when it is birthed through such humble beginnings?

As my contemplation draws to a close a word flashes across my mind, almost too fast for me to hear it; ‘twins.’ This is rapidly
In Lak'ech
followed by two more – ‘soul mates.’ The flower of understanding responds to the clear light of inner seeing. Deep within my heart I know my true soul mate, for which I have searched through aeons of time, lies not outside, but within. It is none other than my own heart.”

"my true soul mate is none other than my own heart"

At this point it might be worth looking a little more deeply into the meaning of ‘In Lak’ech.’ On the card it states ‘Mayan greeting - I am another you,’ similar to ‘Namaste’ from the Indian tradition. However, it is far more than a greeting. ‘In Lak’ech’ is a moral code, a way of life, and more specifically it is a code of the heart; it signifies oneness, unity.

Marrying this with the understanding gained from contemplating our cards we can see how, in our daily life, we may move from separation to unity. 

We have found that Sacred Space is the soul mate of Quiescence, each two halves of the same coin, reflections of the same whole, whilst In Lak’ech IS the whole; it offers a way to live in wholeness each moment of our life.

Its alignment quality, ‘right relationship’ speaks for itself. It begins in our own hearts, nowhere else. When we are aligned and complete within ourselves we naturally transfer this sense of wholeness to our interactions within everyday life.

All the cards mentioned so far, together with the fourth ray ideal (all three cards are connected to the Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict)“the love of unity must dominate,” have led us to this point of clarity. There is only one card left to be considered – Freedom. Let us contemplate some more and see whether or not it has any relevance.

“’Quiescence’ is the image I take to accompany me on my journey into the ‘eye’ of the vesica piscis. I am instantly still as I quietly rest in this great womb of creation that gives birth to all forms. I travel far into the watery space within the sacred cave. I continue swimming, no particular destination in mind, I simply swim. And explore. I feel as a child, joy bubbling silently inside, as I view this watery world with new eyes.

I realise, without even knowing, I have swum into another card. I am no longer resting safe within the womb-like space. I am deep within another watery world, the vast, oceanic world of the dolphin; I have swum into ‘Freedom.'

A fountain of joy bursts forth as I continue to explore with renewed vigour. The magnificence of the cosmos opens up before me, a magical playground filled with sparkles and giant cosmic entities. 

I ‘swim’ through stars, I dance through waves, I play with strange beings from other lands; it is ‘an adventure sublime’ and I glow with radiant joy, such as is only truly experienced through child-like wonder. “

The journey in its entirety is described admirably in the card's associated poem, ‘Freedom.’

On the threshold of a dream she stands
Her feet as an anchor rest deep in the sand
As her eyes fill with longing and seek distant shore
She hears a sweet sound, tries hard to recall
Crash of the waves, birds flying high?
Or perhaps it’s the sea as it touches the sky?

‘Listen, listen… feel the vibration
Open your heart and accept invitation
For wisdom abounds in alien sound
With senses of light you see your salvation’

Come, come Little One, come play with me
Leave feet on the shore, as one we’ll explore
We’ll swim through the seas and sail amongst stars
Beings we will greet as worlds become ours
By angles and spirals, through space and through time
Many realms we’ll explore; an adventure sublime

So, fear not, Little One… Will you come?  Will you play?
Will you enter the mystery, leave all for this day?

From loneliness, through aloneness, to isolated unity, culminating in ultimate freedom of expression, have we travelled; all from the selection of a single card. Taking the time to pause and reflect has produced the ultimate reward. I am able to experience all of these states, moving fluidly between one and the other, without becoming stuck or attached to any one of them.

“Wherever I go, whoever I am with, I take ‘me’ with me. There is no other, nothing else. Just me. I am always ‘home’ and recognising this, in simply being me, is freedom from the trappings of the three worlds.” 

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