Walk the Rainbow

'Walk the Rainbow' is a comprehensive program for those who are committed to knowing and understanding themselves as multi-dimensional beings of light. It employs 'Key of Light' contemplation cards (Visions of Reality, Stillness Speaks and Nature's Way) together with ancient wisdom teachings (Sacred Geometry  the Seven Rays and the Chakras) to inform and uplift during these times of monumental change. Founded upon the Science of Light Manifestation, it marries intellectual understanding with intuitive inner knowing, the left and right brain, and is the 'Art of Synthesis' expressed in daily life.

A full colour illustrated guidebook, currently standing at 300+ pages, is in the process of being assembled, which will be published in both ebook and print formats in the near future. Material on this page is therefore offered as a tantalising glimpse into its potential.

The blogs listed via the links below show, through practical example, how Walk the Rainbow and Visions of Reality creative expressions assist in expanding consciousness to bring 'light' into daily life. Dysfunctional behavioural patterns are transformed and inner peace is a foundation for life. Body and Soul, Spirit and matter function as One.

Walk the Rainbow 
Understanding the Way of Wholeness
New guidebook coming soon!

Phone Home - Visions of Reality
A Stranger in a Strange Land

Quiescence - Stillness Speaks
Quiescence (part 2)

Resting Place - Nature's Way

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